Location to Lead

Create leads out of Device IDs seen at a specific location with Geo-Framing technology.

El Toro is revolutionizing programmatic media through its patented approach of matching physical addresses to IP addresses.

About Location to Lead

El Toro has recently developed a new product offering called Location to Lead (L2L), stemming from our IP Targeting algorithm. It operates on our patented Geo-Framing technology, which allows us to Geo-Frame specific locations and see the devices and addresses which visited a location. This technology operates in a similar, but superior way to Geo-Fencing. Below you can find some of the key differences.

location to lead

Geo-Fencing : (

Below are the stats regarding Geo-Fencing technology.

location to lead

Location Services

Consumers’ location services must be turned on for Geo-Fencing to be successful.


Requires a hard opt-in to reach the customers (you must share your location with a specified app or marketer).

Cell Towers

Uses cell towers to triangulate position (accuracy is limited to the cell towers proximity).

Only Real Time

Limited to real-time ad serving, allowing advertisers to only reach the consumer when they are within the fence parameters.

Geo-Framing : )

Below are the stats regarding Geo-Framing technology.

No Location Service Required

Consumer must visit a website or app that serves third party ads (the majority of the Internet of websites and applications).

Easy Opt-In

Passive opt-in e.g. agreeing to the terms and services of a website or app that serves third party ads.

location to lead

Real Time & Post Time Data

Real time and post visit ability to serve ads to the Device, IP, as well as Direct Mail to the household. We also have the capacity to look back on up to 6 months of historical data.

Watch Location to Lead In Action

L2L is based in consumer research, viewing macro trends across industries to determine how consumers act. We can analyze how your consumers behave, not only informing you of better marketing tactics, but allowing a full picture of an industry. By determining other relevant locations and identifying crossover between your company and others, we create unrivaled consumer research.

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